Instagram And Its Tools

August 1, 2020 Off By loo joo


With the onset of the digital age, the chances of bringing a brand straight and directly to a customer have increased considerably. Marketers have made social networks as places maximizing contact with various brands and provides them with various opportunities to promote their brand. Followers and likes are an indicator of the kind of relationship the brand has with its customers on social media. The number of likes attained by a publication on social networking sites like Instagram acts as an indicator of the level of love and followers the brand has.

About Instagram and why is it so famous?

Well known to have more than 400 million active users all over the world on the application. More than eighty million photos are shared on an everyday basis with the majority of active users belonging from the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. The app focuses on visual, multimedia, and textual content that encourages a connection with fans of various brands and social media influencers.

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It acts as an important tool for big companies selling apparel, sportswear, beverages, etc to engage with their customers. Irrespective of their type of culture (collectivist or individualist), people are drawn towards the platform and are encouraged to use it. The brand and its logo positively influences the number of likes or followers and is always observable. On this application, social media influencers, celebrities, and well-known brands have to strive to maintain their following and brand image.

Why follower count matters? Why likes are also an important aspect?

According to most users of the application, more followers make Instagram more fun. It is believed that more followers mean more comments and likes which is directly proportional to more interaction with people, which is the whole point of being on social media. More followers make businesses more trustworthy as low follower count implies that a brand hasn’t put in the work that is required to build their customer base.

Also, more followers mean more money. The higher the follower count, the higher is the customer count. A majority of the brand’s success comes from the fact of how well they advertise and market their goods and services. Having a larger follower base means more potential customers and that in addition to a solid marketing plan is the essence of putting one’s Instagram account to proper use.

The final Conclusion:

Social media users are crazy about numbers, tracking their likes, comments, followers, reposts, etc. Those things are valuable and important parameters for creating a good social media profile. But it is advised that no matter how low a brand’s follower count is, buying followers from, is not a wise solution. It may look like an easy way to increase followers and make your profile look more interesting but what you’re paying for are robots. These kinds of followers will not engage with you or your brand and will not purchase your products so there is no use or point of having them.