Electronic Cam LocksHigher Security

October 4, 2020 Off By loo joo

The lock is designed for both interior and exterior use. This provides a complete electronic locking system that offers Access Control, Accountability, Physical Security and System Management. Most digital camera guards are business tools which may cause a significant return on investment. Access Control–Keys can be programmed to start just certain locks during a particular schedule. They may also have an expiration date or time. The key can be disabled at any time. Accountability–Audit Information is included in both the lock and the key using a date and time stamp of every open and close and any tried opening and closing. Physical Security–The authentic electronic cam lock has to be constructed to exacting dimensions and is generally constructed of stainless steel with tamper resistance features and resistance to forced entry.

System Management-Software tools which will help to control your security by offering flexible programming and the ability to offer custom scheduling. This program should be available in either standalone version or a web-based version.

number combination locks


  • No exterior wiring
  • All power is provided by the key
  • Small electronic key
  • Key battery should be rechargeable
  • Software should have multiple variants such as; stand alone, mobile and network
  • Should have key expiring programming
  • Must have backlist function to lock lost or stolen keys so that they Won’t function
  • Must be able to hold audit events in both the lock and the key

The electronic cam lock Is just as good as the applications that will gather and analyze the information collected by the key. Every time the key is used it records data like the date, time and lock ID number. This information gathering occurs whenever the key touches the lock. The key is put into some form of cradle that normally serves two functions; to cam locks the battery and to download the information accumulated by the key. After that data is downloaded, the program needs to have the ability to file it in a usable form. This data should then have the ability to offer management information that will enable managers to conduct their business better.