The Care and Culture Of Prune Camellia

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There are over 180 various other species of camellia, however generally the care and society of camellias is similar. They are easy to grow, being hardy and relatively trouble-free. They require little care and there is a Camellia for every position in any yard design and they will compensate you with their attractive flower display and deep eco-friendly foliage which is eye-catching in itself during the non-flowering times. Among the far better features of camellias is their long life, some lasting over 100 years and more. And if you mix the selections you will certainly have blooming over longer periods as they do not flower at the very same time.

Camelia snoeien

Growing Conditions

While it holds true that Japonica camellias like spotted color, also they can thrive completely sunshine if they are hardened to it slowly. Camellias will prosper is a large variety of conditions – temperate zones with a Mediterranean environment to locations where humidity is widespread. There is generally a range that will certainly best suit your area and its climate. If you try to grow those that prefer cooler climates in a hotter or a lot more humid location, then you will certainly need to strive to shield it. From personal experience I have had Japonicas that were secured by a close-by tree; and when we took it down the camellias were subjected to complete sunlight. Initially, the vegetation started to burn, however this was arrested when I splashed a moisture retaining remedy over them. They now do not even call for that – and the screen of flowers is abundant.

It is much better, if you can, to pick settings based on the variety e.g. japonicas for dappled color and sasanquas can expand in complete sunlight and thrive ideal in it.

Blooming Times

While some camellias will grow in Autumn, typically Japonicas flower in winter and can have blooms from 2 to 6 inches in dimension Camelia snoeien. The kind can vary from solitary, semi double, peony kind, anemone form, formal double and rose kind double with shade variants varying from pure white to cream, pinks and red – with variants of those shades. Early selections of Sasanqua camellias will certainly start flowering in late summertime, and others in early winter. If you blend the 2 varieties, you can have a much longer flowering period. Their blossoms and leaves have a tendency to be smaller than Japonicas, As Sasanquas respond well to trimming they can be made use of as bushes and make a stunning screen when in flower. They likewise react to espaliering and container growing.