Maintenance of your electric scooter

September 10, 2019 Off By loo joo

You cannot imagine buying a scooter and not having it break on you someday. Everything tends to break overtime. However, if you are careful and follow some basic maintenance rules, you should be able to enjoy your new electric scooter for a long time to come.

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The important thing to remember about maintenance is, these rides are not so common. So finding a good repair shop might get a bit challenging. In most cases you would be doing most of the maintenance yourself. One thing which you can do is while purchasing, make sure the brand that you are buying is a reputed brand that has some local dealerships. You certainly do not wish to purchase something that requires spares to come from another country if you break it. Do some research on the internet,  there is plenty of information similar to this article which can guide you along the way.

Important to remember is that even the toughest or most durable scooters would require maintenance at one point or another. So do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed when the day comes that you have to grab your tool box. Lights, breaks, suspension and brake pads, all should be regularly checked and maintained.

Another important thing to consider is the road and weather condition. You do not wish to ride on a bumpy or rough road for too long as it would definitely effect the performance and the ware of your tires and breaks. Similarly, you need to make sure your scooter has some form of weather sealing. You do not wish to harm the battery or the internal electrical motors by riding through puddles of water or during pouring rainy day as it could cause severe damage to your electrical scooter if it doesn’t have sufficient weather proofing.