The Types Of International Student Accommodation Adelaide

The Types Of International Student Accommodation Adelaide

February 15, 2022 Off By loo joo

Australia is the favourite destination of the students who want to come here for studies. It provides high quality of study to the students who can get better job opportunities in future.  The students are concerned about the accommodation after coming to Australia. Many people can get international student accommodation adelaide easily. The country offers different types of accommodation choices to the students.

Types of accommodation

  • The homestay: Homestay is the best option for some of the students as it provides a room in someone’s else home. All the facilities are available such as meals, a well-furnished room, cleaning service, and more. They are cheaper than the other accommodations. It feels like a home but there is a disadvantage that more student gatherings cannot be there.
  • Residential college: It is a convenient option for the students to live. They provide a proper meal, room cleaning services, well-furnished rooms, library facilities, wifi service.
  • Proper block accommodation: This is the proper accommodation where all the students live in the building together. Some are single while others are shared rooms with a bathroom and kitchen which is attached to the rooms. All the facilities are included in these types of accommodation such as wifi service, 24/7security, laundry facilities, Ac and heaters, gums, sports room, and more.


There are various accommodations for the international students in which they can one and live properly. Some are shared while others are private accommodations. In block accommodation, there is no privacy for people.