Must Read About Frozen Shoulder Treatment Singapore

Must Read About Frozen Shoulder Treatment Singapore

August 9, 2022 Off By loo joo


A freezing shoulder is often referred to as the “50-year-old shoulders” in Traditional Chinese Medicine since many patients experience symptoms of this condition in midlife, around the time of life of 50. However, a person’s lifestyle, job habits, and exercise habits can cause the locked shoulder to develop at an early age as well. Blood flow in the shoulder area may also be impacted by a Qi imbalance caused by anxiety and overwork. One can look for frozen shoulder treatment singapore for the best services.


Restricted range of motion and pain in the shoulder joint are two signs of shoulder pain. The degree of pain may rise or develop into persistent and chronic pain as the illness gets worse. When the shoulder joint is used, stiff shoulder pain typically flares up and might interfere with normal tasks, including an imbalance in sleep cycles.

Cupping is an effective method for treating freezing shoulder brought on by lingering injuries or extended sensitivity to cold because it can increase blood flow and restore Qi flow in a specific portion of the body.

Inside the elbow capsule, the tissue often develops as a result of the disease. According to a report, the illness affects between 3 and 5 percent of the total population.


Due to the benefits of cupping including pain treatment and revitalization, many Singaporeans have embraced it. In cupping therapies, hot glass or wood cups are used to lift the skin and promote blood flow, which can help to reestablish Qi flow in the skin’s troubled regions. Chronic pain and other frequent maladies like high blood pressure, back pain, and nasal congestion can all be treated with cupping.